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Parents Reaching Out Grants can be used for a Sherry Campbell “Raising Resilient Children Presentation” & a new and important “There’s an App for That- Managing your Technology Time and Safety!”

June 5th, 2018 deadline to apply

Applications for the 2018-19 Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants Program

The deadline for applications is June 5th, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. EST

Please review the project guidelines and terms and conditions prior to submitting your application

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People are the power behind corporate success. Keep staff happy, empowered and more productive through professional development services. Sherry Campbell presentations are specially designed with your needs in mind.

Corporate Wellness is all about the mental status of the workforce. By examining the level of commitment and motivation from every aspect of your business, opportunities that ensure your company's corporate wellness become clear.


Sherry Campbell is a dynamic professional speaker dedicated to sharing her experiences in an impactful, engaging style. Refreshingly insightful, infused with humour, Sherry delivers a message with a meaning.


Mental Health Training Course for the Workplace

My professional experience and the statistics agree...mental health issues are a major contributor to loss of productivity and good team members for workplaces all over Canada and the United States.

Mental health awareness is starting to take route as part of the training routine in organizations.

The positive effects of running programs designed to educate participants on mental health can greatly influence the bottom line for many companies:

  • Barriers to effective communication are lifted as a greater understanding of the human condition is shared.
  • Mental Health problems are largely the starting point for chronic physical illnesses. When these issues are addressed more sever problems down the road can be stopped.
  • Employee sick days, short term and long term disability cost Canadian and American companies millions upon millions of dollars every year. More awareness and support spreading through the workplace culture will alleviate some of the issues and lessen suffering for the individual as well as financial strain on the company.

I am now offering onsite training programs that can be specifically design to meet the needs and style of your workplace.


Is your team poised to bounce back from change and adversity?

Sherry Campbell is the professional expert your business is looking for to get to the next level of success. As a compelling presenter and practicing counsellor Sherry offers dynamic workshops, keynote presentations, and life changing retreats that will grab attention and leave participants not only inspired but motivated for change.