Welcome to the World of Mental Wealth

Welcome to Sherry Campbell Group! For those of you just joining us we are an organization dedicated to overall mental wellness for individuals and workplaces around the world. For our friends and associates from way back welcome to our 'new look'. Through the creative genius of Greenwood Group we have a stunning new logo and website design. The imaging perpetuates our mission to positively enhance the mental health of all aspects of an individual's life in a well-rounded and supportive manner. The dynamic video mastering by Brand Murphy, Pacific Productions International, is a perfect example of how we get the job done.

At the helm of the Group is Sherry Campbell, professional speaker, psychotherapist and overall expert in the field of clarity. We run on positive psychology and a good dose of humour with the backing of twenty years of experience working with people and organizations of all types, sizes and levels of wellness.

Over the twenty years that Sherry has been providing counselling, workshops and speaking she has been aware that many of us have the same 'mind blocks' to true happiness and fulfillment. Mind blocks are issues that have kept us from ultimate success. Some people and some organizations have serious illness, some require maintenance and some of the luckier ones just need a refresher every now and then. No matter where you or your workplace is on this continuum we will have valuable tips, inspirational thoughts and solid strategies to share with you via this blog.

In our blogs Sherry Campbell will share tools and strategies to overcome obstacles both personally and professionally. As a mental health in the workplace advocate she will share clinical information as well as 'real' tools and strategies to help you move your organization into a place where individuals and business thrive simultaneously.

We would love to hear from you and encourage feedback of any type. Putting into practice suggestions we give you may work well or may fall short. We believe in life lessons...and believe me we have had plenty, so don't be afraid to share both!

I will leave you now with one of my favourite quotes and invite you to get to know the new SCG!

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." -Albert Einstein