What Can Sherry do for You?

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People are the power behind corporate success. Keep staff happy, empowered and more productive through professional development services.  Sherry Campbell presentations are Specially designed with your needs in mind.

Corporate Wellness is all about the mental status of the workforce. By examining the level of commitment and motivation from every aspect of your business, opportunities that ensure your company's corporate wellness become clear.



Sherry Campbell is a dynamic professional speaker dedicated to sharing her experiences in an impactful, engaging style. Refreshingly insightful, infused with humour, Sherry delivers a message with a meaning.



Developing your employees' engagement levels is the key objective of professional development. There are many ways to enhance professional development in which an employer can ensure their employee is productive with a sense of purpose and job satisfaction. Utilizing several positive psychology techniques, including sport psychology, the benefits are not exclusive to the workplace but through all aspects of an individual's life.



We offer unique workshop experiences unlike any others you have attended. This is the 'real deal' with hands on solution based tools ready for immediate use. Through her continuous work as a therapist Sherry has her finger on the pulse of what people really need. Our workshops are versatile, as they are designed to be modified to suit individual workplace needs.



Corporate retreats are a fantastic way to create workplace wellness and facilitate the growth of teamwork. Retreats can range from one day to a week, with topics hand-picked by you and developed into the perfect mix for your employees. Sherry is available to provide this service onsite, at Sherry Campbell Group or on the road at locations chosen by you.


MANAGEMENT RETREATS Please refer to our website for further details

Designed specifically for CEOs and management teams to decompress, plan and problem solve together in an atmosphere conducive to exploring new and exciting ways to enjoy unprecedented success without the day to day pressures of being onsite.

At Sherry Campbell Group we have the expertise to plan your retreat from beginning to end offering a wide range of local or resort locations to suit your vision and budget.



It is common for workplaces to feel the emotional strain of a critical incident occurrence. As critical incidents require immediate attention to address the psychological impact it may have on staff. It is important that your workplace facilitates healing through immediate counseling. Sherry is certified to provide emergency on-site services in the event of a serious or tragic occurrence in order to minimize the trauma employees are facing.


Fees for Corporate Programs vary depending on the complexity of a project and the time required to customize and deliver it. 


Sherry's Workshops


All programs are highly interactive and experimental to ensure optimal engagement. Each presentation can be integrated into a training program or stand alone as a half day or full day of personal and professional growth for corporate retreats and conferences.

The hands on tools and strategies revealed are ready for immediate implementation. Workshops are relevant to all employees, managers, as well as CEOs to create an engaged, dedicated, and personally successful workforce.


Mental Health Training Course

Over half of the main preventable contributors to employee absenteeism are depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. This course is an informative and engaging introduction into mental health for the entire workplace. Participants will walk away with real tools and strategies to break down barriers and become part of an optimally healthy workplace.

Re-Train Your Brain

It's not just about stress management or coping anymore. It's all about resiliency and navigating through adversity and challenges. Participants will locate their inner compass and practically apply life skills to move them forward both personally and professionally. 

Workplace Resiliency

Adversity is a large part of the entire working world today. Is your team able to bounce back from bumps in the road and keep the ball rolling? A ground breaking workshop introducing twelve new rules of the workplace will help individuals to recover from the surprises and fast pace of life. It will promote discussion and application to these concepts and present conditions.

In the Fog of Change

Change is an inevitable part of lives and opens doors to exciting growth. How do we embrace change and navigate through some initial reactions of angst and potential resistance? This workshop cultivates ideas of personal renewal and emphasizes that more often than not we are a product of our choices rather than our circumstances.

Laughter is the Spiritual Glue of Sanity

Let's not let life's boomerangs get in the way of our best self! This workshop describes the need for reasonable humor in your life. It reflects on what is important in life and to take the time to laugh. Laughter is the most powerful all-encompassing medication you can get your hands on and it is free!

The Inner Critic

What stops us from realizing our dreams, our true potential? The voice of the inner critic can be very harsh and detrimental to our well-being. This workshop will help participants identify and deal with negative thought patterns that hold them back from achieving true success and happiness.

The Intuitive Edge

Intuition can provide a crucial edge, enhancing our ability to discover, create, predict, and evaluate. Employers will not only enjoy the added contributions from employees participating in this workshop but will have the knowledge that the experience has also brought them great personal insight as well.

Through over 20 years of clinical experience we are aware of the unique stressors and challenges for people in all levels of an organization and have specially designed presentations that have been researched to engage each sector.