Raising Resilient Children Interactive Presentation

During the next few months, we have already booked numerous workshops and presentations about “Raising Resilient Children”.  I have been teaching about resiliency to adults for over 20 years and it seems important to pass this wisdom down to our children.   The topic of Raising resilient children is gaining much interest in popularity as we realize that we have a generation of young people that are not gaining the tools to face life adversity.  It seems that we parents tend to over rescue our children which actually deprives them of learning valuable life lessons.   Children need to experience the struggles in life within the protection and love of the family, friends, teachers, coaches and community.

Personal resiliency is the single most important indicator of success for students in the 21st century!  Resiliency is about how we weather the inevitable storms in life and bounce back and then forward again.  Stress management is about coping with a situation until it passes.  Resiliency is about having the tools ready to navigate through any situation and finding a way through.

This workshop is for everybody! Many are attended by educators, parents and workplace staff and administration ALL seeking understanding and hands on tools about how to better teach our next generation these important life strategies!  We all have many laughs as we commiserate and agree that it sometimes feels as though “the inmates are running the asylum”  - taking charge of parenting and teaching and implementing, what I like to call, “the real deal” life essentials.

The workshops/presentations aim to discuss how to most effectively teach our children the following:

I     Overcome Failure
II    Deal with Disappointment
III   Cultivate a Healthy Self Image
IV   Delay Gratification
V    Contribute to Others
VI   Deal with Struggles of Life

“Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn”

~~~~ Benjamin Franklin