The Resilient Journey - What is a Life Anchor?

It is inevitable that we will face challenges in our life, but it is how you train your mind that will allow you to overcome each situation. By training yourself to live a resilient life you will be prepared to conquer life’s most difficult times. A life anchor is a tool that you can say to yourself during those difficult moments that holds you strong. It’s the ability to be aware, present and in charge during the moments of chaos. Sometimes our own worst enemy lives on top of our shoulders and I can’t emphasize enough the importance of noticing our thoughts.  Stress originates in your thinking.  Being caught up in your thinking is actually more relevant to the stress you feel than is what actually happened to you.  We cannot always control the events and experiences around us, but, we can control how we react to them.

Noticing our own thoughts allows the self-awareness to make a shift – a pivot point – towards more positive and realistic thinking.  A life anchor can be an actual phrase, word or sentence that is short and succinct.  It can be a prayer, poem or quote and this one life anchor renews perspective and gives proportion to all matters. 

Resiliency is about how we weather the inevitable storms in life and bounce back and then forward again.  Resiliency is about having the tools ready to navigate through any situation and finding a way through.  Resilient people tend to have several life anchors always available to them.  It may be as simple as, “This too shall pass “or “I can deal with this” along with a few deep breathes to help you access the logical side of your thinking. One of my favourite quotes is from the famous Alice Walker and it goes like this “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”.

All lesser things fall into a different light when viewed through such a powerful thought.  I encourage you to develop a few of your own life anchors and write them out on a piece of paper to have at your fingertips when needed.  A combination of simple tools can make a BIG difference in your ability to manage the inevitable adversities in life.  For more information and insight on creating your own life anchors or exploring more about the Resilient Journey please visit my website at or contact me directly at 905-894-3084.



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