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Music Therapy and Psychotherapy Connection: Resources for Professionals

On September 16th, I had the great pleasure of presenting with Rachael Finnerty at the YWCA on Elm Street, Toronto and it was such a delight!  I considered myself fairly well educated about the benefits of Music Therapy, yet, Rachael’s knowledge and clinical examples have gained me an even deeper value and appreciation of the therapeutic value of music.

When we think about music, it makes sense, right?  We all have favourite songs!  Songs that have special meaning. There are also songs across the timelines of our life that ignite memories and emotions.  I vividly recall my Mom listening to “Cher” on the, yes, I am giving my age away, record player!!  Also, I recall my grandparents listening to Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.  Sharon, Lois and Bram for sure bring back memories of my children as they were little ones then and the list goes on.  Music evokes emotion and heals; it wakes up the soul.

Rachael and I presented in tandem; I talked about psychotherapy techniques and reviewed the Psychotherapy Act, 2007 and collectively we had an educational discussion around the parameters of working within our scope of expertise.  The participants were exceptionally skilled and eager and energetically contributed their thoughts into the activities of the workshop. 

Basic concepts of Freud and Jung were reviewed and in keeping with the exercises of Free Association, Rachael facilitated the lyric writing of our own “group” song!  It’s all about bringing the unconscious to the conscious and moving forward again towards optimal well-being; overcoming issues and feelings that “get in the way” of being present in life.

Examples of how working with children, cancer patients, elderly, trauma victims, mental health issues demonstrated the value of a holistic approach; both ‘talking” therapy and “music” therapy offer incredible treatment results and value.  It was such an incredible honour to be part of this workshop!

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