Resiliency in the Workplace

What is Resiliency? Bottom line, it is your fine-tuned capacity to recover from difficult situations (and people) in your life. Resilience is a tendency to be buoyant, recoil, and spring back. If you are resilient you can withstand adversity and personal challenge and are able to rejuvenate, benefit from the lessons learned and renew yourself.

Many of my clients describe the struggles of dealing with difficult people and problems in the workplace and though there isn’t a single “magic dust” answer, building on your Resiliency Skills is Career Saving Wisdom. A major problem today is juggling time, energy, and priorities into balance between home, social life, and work life. When we are “game-on” we are better able to navigate through the punches life may throw at us. We truly are living in the age of adversity.

The good news is that YOU have the power to choose how you react! There will always be so many legitimate sources of irritation and annoyances; anyone or anything can ruin a moment, only YOU can ruin the day. The three principles of Resiliency include:

1. Finding a Way Through

2. Choosing Your Personal Response

3. Noticing Your Thoughts

Think of it as a means of developing some immunity to the inevitable, unnecessary and avoidable distress of life. “Stuff” (for the lack of a better word) happens – we all have had a bad day and we will again! We need to be adaptive, less reactive, and prioritize what really matters for the sake of our health and happiness. “You cannot go through life, without life going through you” and “You cannot go through this work, without this work going through you”. It is far better to develop the wisdom to handle life’s problems than to hope you never have any.

“The Most Common Way People Give up their Power is by Thinking they don’t have Any” ~ Alice Walker

We need to foster and encourage work-life balance. We know that we can’t do the work that we do each day, developing and maintaining a healthy community, without developing a balanced lifestyle that will keep us well. It’s that simple.

Take care,

Sherry Campbell M.A. RP RSW OACCPP ®