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In Toronto for two days (September 18 & 19th) attending Learning Edge Seminar’s workshop by Dr. Norman Doidge, MD, FRCPC. Discussing “The Brain’s Way of Healing”, Clinical Applications of Neuroplasticity”.  So, I have completed the first day and all I can say is, “wow!”; so much knowledge and information. You may recall his well recognized and respected book, “The Brain’s Way of Healing” and he talked today also about the additional research, to date.

Dr. Norman Doidge talked about the brain’s Neuroplasticity, which describes the brain’s ability to adapt and re-wire throughout our whole lives; cradle to grave.  Radical improvements are possible in the cognitive functioning and re-routing.  Numerous studies were discussed and the future of so many brain disorder treatment is encouraging.  Not only were positive results demonstrated with Alzheimer’s and MS, but also mental disorders, such as Bipolar Disorder and Depression.  The brain heals when challenged!

The research on the benefits of cardio and strength training has consistently sent the same message.  Yet, the presentation today takes this information to a new level. With MS patients, they were taught “conscious walking”; heel to toe and specific thinking strategies which dramatically reversed the symptoms.  On one video, the patient went from very difficult walking and control to almost a skip; truly amazing and encouraging.

The difficult part with depression is that motivation is often at it’s lowest and even 10 minutes can be a challenge.  Though, other contributing variables were noted, which I will list below, the power of physical movement and conscious changes show that the brain can be re-trained towards positive outcomes.  Please know, I am not judging, I too find it so hard to push myself to go for walks and eat healthy; but, I have to say, the news of this workshop has motivated even me – it’s a journey but let start together.

To keep our brains healthy, active, and healing, this mornings take-aways from Dr. Doidge included:

  • Exercise 30-40 minutes, within the heart rate zone, 6 days per week
  • Add at least one day per week of weights
  • Filtered H20
  • Diet:  no wheat/gluten, dairy, sugar (very limited), no food you are sensitive to
  • Brain activating and stimulating hobbies, exercises – challenge the brain in new and different ways
  • Go for heavy metal and toxin assessment – Read Pizzomo’s The Toxin Solution
  • Vitamins B12, B2, C, D3

Apparently, only one glass of wine is recommended as well (☹) …….

Having said that, most importantly, challenge your mind, body and soul!!  We Can Re-Train the Brain,

Best, Sherry