Ninth Anniversary

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Thank You so very much for all the congrats received on the 9th year anniversary of the Sherry Campbell Group. I was just talking with family and friends this past weekend on the interesting journey of becoming an entrepreneur. After leaving the Niagara Health System, I initially had the natural trepidation and thoughts of “oh wow, I actually am doing this!” Thrilled to add, it was the best decision I ever made. Bottom line, trying not to be corny, but, following your dream is truly the path I continue to honour and reinforce in my work as a counsellor and professional speaker.

Many years prior to opening my own business, I had always planned on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere to create the best therapeutic setting. How fortunate am I to have an office on Pleasant Avenue in beautiful Ridgeway, Ontario? Services are provided for individuals, families, couples, children, and adolescents who are requesting therapy and support regarding a wide variety of issues; personal, mental health, relationship, and personal growth.

Our clinical team continues to grow as we expand our services and I am so grateful to Jen Drury, our most recent addition to the team. She provides counselling services and is at our office two days per week; she is very skilled and relates well to clients. Don Campbell continues to counsel every Thursday and offers a wealth of many years of experience and knowledge; he has been on the team since the beginning! Cassandra Martin is our new Executive Assistant - the voice of the Sherry Campbell Group and her warm and supportive style is valued and appreciated by our clients and, of course, myself. Cassandra is also efficient and skilled in working with the bookings of workshops and keynote presentations and welcomes any questions and inquiries. 

As my intention had always been to expand our services into professional speaking engagements and workshops, Kyle Campbell joined our team as our Corporate Director three years ago. Kyle manages all of the corporate opportunities and is the key lead on communicating and planning with our presentation services. He also leads all marketing plans and owns a vast amount of incredible vision and knowledge. Another excellent team member.

As the company has developed over the past 9 years, so have I. The experiences I have gained through my clinical studies, along with my passion for mental health awareness and Resiliency lead to me extending my presence into the Professional Keynote Motivational Speaking role. I have had the pleasure of presenting all across Canada and also to our neighbours in the United States. Acknowledging that our youth of today will be our leaders of tomorrow I provide a key note presentation called “Raising Resilient Children”. I have since been to numerous schools every year in Ontario delivering this presentation and must say that I am joyed and overwhelmed with the positive feedback from not only the parents but also the children.

As hoped, the topic of resiliency has sparked interest in the corporate world and we have since created a corporate workshop series, called “Developing a resilient culture” that is presented to our business cliental and is continuously growing. One of our more popular presentation topics by organizations is “Resiliency and Mental Health in the Workplace” but also consists of 15 other workshops along with tailored options for certain events. For example, “Effective Communication & Conflict Management, “How to Deliver Bad News in Sales”, and “How to Sharpen your Intuitive Edge in the Workplace”, just to mention a few.

I am also extremely proud and honoured to have joined Dick O’Brien on his “The Resilient Journey” which covers many topics including “Personal Resiliency in Challenging Times”, “The Balancing Act: Balancing Your Home and Work Life”, “In the Fog of Change” and “Creating a Resilient Workplace” and many more.

Hopefully I have not bored you too much with my quick reflection of the Sherry Campbell Group but please do stay tuned as our marketing team is currently revamping our website and we continue creating greater workshop material for all of you! Lastly, I want to take a minute to thank each and every one of you. The positive feedback, referrals and encouragement do not go unnoticed and I wouldn’t be here without your support!

Here’s to many more great years, Cheers, Sherry