Power of Intention

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Goals + Intention + Imagination + Action = Success

Life Changes Need Deliberate Intention, Attention and
Commitment to make the CHANGES you Want

Where to begin??? First step is to embrace the idea of making changes! BE EXCITED and proud of yourself for taking these steps. So many goals and “wish lists” are dragged down by lack of energy or knowing the “how” to get there…Whether it be about a dream job, health, fitness, financial, relationships or even simply de-cluttering your home, it can be a challenge to take the right steps towards success. Setting the goals themselves are often the easiest part (just like New Year’s Resolutions)…but then what???

I have come to believe that a very specific action plan is needed to meet the goals we set. The initial process itself of setting the goals, is a great step, but, then needs the SECOND step. Wayne Dyer speaks to the “Power of Intention” as does Noah St. John in his book “The Book of Afformations”, which emphasizes the importance of establishing a clear and deliberate INTENTION. We need an action plan since, simply, good intentions are not enough.

I like the analogy of setting a destination point (an intention), much like a GPS – once the targeted destination point is set, then the directions on “how to get there” are provided, along with several options of routes so that you can choose the one you prefer. There are many ways to climb a mountain and each of us has our own unique path. And we need to have a great deal of focus, humor, and enthusiasm along this road trip.

For example, my INTENTION – my long term vision for my near future – may be to find time to focus on my physical and emotional health; creating better balance between work, home, and personal time. Then, I create a statement that reflects my intention, such as “I want to live my life with peaceful balance and energized health allowing me to be happier and more “game-on”.

Next step, utilize the art of envisioning and imagination. As I IMAGINE what this would “look” like, “feel” like and allow yourself to absorb the peacefulness and joy to be experienced when this INTENTION is fulfilled. Then a sense of commitment and passion and motivation is 

evoked. Imagery is extremely powerful! World leaders, Olympic athletes, poets, artists, etc.…all speak to the power of imagining the success and focusing on the vision in order to make it all come true. Creating daily quiet times or meditation to visualize and deeply feel your INTENTION as though it is already your reality is the foundation towards the second step, setting goals.

Once again, with INTENTION, set target dates – book the first three goals into your Smart Phone or Outlook Schedule with either a specific appointment or a “check-in” date to assess the lay of the land with that particular goal. Otherwise, goals become “lovely ideas and thoughts” that never transpire – just as we would not cancel an important work meeting or our kids’ dentist appointments, we make the promise and commitment to ourselves to treat our intentions and goals as top priority.

Often there are stumbling blocks that then may need to be assessed and perhaps different goals will become the focus. In my experience, there are usually very good reasons our intentions and goals do not move to fruition….most of us are not lazy (well, sometimes I am) We need to identify the barriers – what is getting in the way?

For example, one of the barriers in the example used in this article, is time. With the hours worked and the hours required by important family obligations, how am I going to find the time to follow through with the goals? Perhaps, I may need to reassess my goals: Set the doctor’s appointment for the earliest appointment possible, start taking multi-vitamins and a short ten minute walk to give me a boost of energy to eventually target the bigger goals….the key is to not give up! Work through the barriers and problem solve; being creative and resist the “all or nothing” thinking that sometimes gets in the way.

I suggest to keep setting target dates to “check-in” how you are doing on your MapQuest and adjust the GPS if need be…Also setting small realistic goals that set the stage for success.

What is MY MAPQUEST? For example, what goals do I need to set in order to “live my life with peaceful balance and energized health allowing me to be happier and ‘game-on’.

1. Make a doctor’s appointment for the long overdue check-up
2. Complete health questionnaires about whether I am eating and sleeping properly
3. Develop a list of my favorite de-stressors – massage, Reiki, naturopathy
4. Who is a great friend I have not seen in a long time! Book dates with family and friends.
5. Create a list of what gives me a sense of “peace”
6. What in the past has fueled my energy?
7. What in the past has helped me feel “game on”
8. What makes me laugh? Who makes me laugh? Be sure to include humour in our lives.

“Laughter is the Spiritual Glue to our Sanity”

The goal list could go on and on for me and I would suggest that, whatever your INTENTION may be, to allow the list to grow to its fullest capacity – without judgement or doubt, write it down! Take the list and prioritize it with number one being the most important first step, to number two being the second most important step, etc.

Goals + Intention + Imagination + Action = Success

Let’s Make 2018 More FUN!
You CAN Do It! :)

Sherry Campbell M.A. RP RSW ®
Professional Speaker and Workshop Presenter & Registered Psychotherapist