"Making the choice to see a therapist is courageous and an act of personal empowerment. A counsellor is an impartial, non-judgemental professional trained to help you navigate your way through the rough times in life or help you deal with a condition or illness."

Therapy can help with couples issues, family issues, individual stress, career stress, depression, anxiety, anger management, addictions, abuse/trauma, grief and loss, pain management, life transitions and many more issues. Utilizing specialized therapies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), couples/family therapy and mindfulness techniques can greatly aid in life balance being restored.

Counselling is an opportunity to gain self-awareness and use life’s stumbling blocks as a way to grow and change...to learn new ways to look at situations.

  • Improve relationships

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Resolve/change unhealthy patterns and addictions

  • Become more creative and productive

  • Decrease feelings of anxiety and depression

  • Clarify life direction

  • Get "unstuck"

Private individual, family or couples counselling fees are $120 per hour session.

Here are a few examples of what colleagues and clients are saying about Sherry:

"As a colleague with shared clients. I hear consistently from those clients that Sherry has helped them tremendously, not only with excellent counselling techniques, but more importantly with compassion and empathy. It is a pleasure to work with her!"


"Sherry is knowledgable, compassionate and professional."


"I thank God every day for bringing Sherry into my life! I struggled with the death of my son for many years and saw numerous counsellors over the years. I connected immediately with Sherry and with her help I am finally beginning to find inner peace and deal with the loss of my son. I would highly recommend anyone who is dealing with any issues in their life to go see her. I don't know where I would be today without her help. Love her so much!"


"I have known Sherry for 24 years. It has been a pleasure watching Sherry grow into motherhood as well as her business careers. She has been dedicated to both worlds. I have referred several of my troubled children to her Counselling Group and have been very pleased with the feedback from the children as well as the parents. Sherry is reaching my most difficult children with her communication skills and is able to gain their trust. This unique skill makes Sherry an exceptional psychotherapist. Sherry is compassionate in all her endeavours and I am so proud to be able to hear of all her successes."


"Anyone lucky enough to find Sherry as their counsellor is a very lucky person. She is professional and non- judgemental. As well she provides tools to successfully overcome stressful situations and guidance through very difficult times. Thank you for your continuing support."


"A phenomenal resource for family mental health, as well as a workplace counselling resource. I would recommend this group without reservation."