"I whole heartedly embrace the belief that the human spirit thrives when complete mental wellness and balance is achieved."

Sherry Campbell is a renowned counsellor in the Niagara Region, Western New York and beyond. Although her practice has expanded to include keynoting, workshop sessions and corporate consulting, a strong passion remains in also providing counselling.

Sherry always makes time to meet with clients who request counselling sessions. Thousands of clients that she has worked with over her 20 years of practice in the Niagara Health System and private practice include, professionals, business executives, athletes and individuals and their families seeking assistance with a myriad of personal challenges.

These extensive experiences combined with up-to-date counselling techniques contribute to the success her clients achieve in meeting their objectives. An integral component of her practice is that sessions are held in a comfortable, warm and private setting enhancing confidentiality. Sherry has used her extensive experience to develop a unique approach that assists her to make a quick connection with clients, is non- judgmental but is still designed to produce bottom line results.